10 Best Yoga Poses For Good Health

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Yoga is an integral part of the science of India for 5౦౦౦ years. Many people think that yoga is physical exercise, just a few bodily movements (asanas) and breathing. But in reality, the combination of the infinite intellect and the power of man. According to science, yoga is the perfect way of life. Yogasanas means the equilibrium and oneness of all of the foregoing yogas in the process of Rajayoga. When it comes to yoga, there is no teacher level. Only those who have been practicing Yogasanas for a long time can tell about the importance of Yoga. Yoga will always keep you energized. In this article, we are going to learn yoga for those who want to start & began yoga in their daily life. This guide will definitely help with yoga for beginners. Most of us scared of the visuals of yoga asanas, Stretching, Flexibility or body shrinkage. So here we are going to give some best yoga asanas to make you healthy and powerful.

Best Yogasan For Good Life

Yogasanas means the equilibrium and oneness of all of the foregoing yogas in the process of Rajayoga. When it comes to yoga, there is no teacher level. Only those who have been practicing Yogasanas for a long time can tell about the importance of Yoga. Yoga will always keep you energized. In this article, we are going to learn yoga for those who want to start & began yoga in their daily life. This guide will definitely help with yoga for beginners. Most of us scared of the visuals of yoga asanas, Stretching, Flexibility or body shrinkage. So here we are going to give some best yoga asanas to make you healthy and powerful.

  1. Sukhasna Yoga Pose
  2. Child’s Pose Yoga Asana
  3. Vriksha Asana Yoga Pose
  4. Vajra Asana Yoga Pose
  5. Trikona Asana Yoga Pose
  6. Padma Asana Yoga Pose
  7. Kapalbati Asana Yoga Pose
  8. Gomukh Asana Yoga Pose
  9. Downward Dog Asana Yoga Pose
  10. Bhujanga Asana Yoga Pose

1. Sukhasna Yoga Pose :-

sukhasana yoga pose

Physical exercises, along with healing and vitamins, also control back pain. But, yoga can help you find a permanent solution to the pain relief of all back pain—smooth or lighter posture, which makes the back more laborious and more powerful. Sukhasana is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘sukham,’ which means lightness or favor, ‘anal’ means posture. The comfort is easy on all the seats and can be done at any age. Sukahasana also used for medical purposes. The first thing to do is to base the wall at the beginning. Most of the time, it is done slowly and without any evidence. However, you should get the results of this snack, and you need to know how to do it.

How to Do Sukhasana Yoga Pose

1. Bend your foot forward and sit upright.
2. Keep your knees broad, bend, and your legs away.
3. The other side of your foot should be on the floor.
4. Your foot should be loose, and your foot should have enough space between the pelvis.
5. Your palms should be at your sides.
6. Keep the balance. Your tailbone, pubic bone should be horizontal away from the ground.
7. Keep your shoulders neat.
8. Sit in this posture as long as you are comfortable.
9. Crossing the legs in the middle of the position can be done.

Advantages Of Sukahasan Yoga Pose

  • Improves Body Movement
  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Improves Digestive System

2. Child’s Pose Yoga Asana :-

child pose yoga asana

Child’s Yoga pose is also another best and famous yoga pose in Yoga Asanas, Child’s Yoga pose Helps to reduces the total body pressure.

How to Dow Child’s Pose Yoga Asana

  • Sit on the floor or on the bed, as shown in the photo in the hip back position.
    Then stretch both hands forward.
  • Let the body rest completely.
  • Concentrate on breathing and free the body and mind.
  • This posture should be done for a few minutes.

Advantages Of Child’s Pose Yoga Asana

  • Child’s Pose, aptly called the child’s posture, relieves stress.
  • Child’s Yoga Asana stretches the waist, thighs and ankles, calms the brain, and helps relieve stress and fatigue.
  • Child Pose Yoga Asana improves the child’s postural circulation.
  • It also improves the nervous system.
  • Anxiety and anger are , often caused by hypertension. Strain in a child or child’s posture reduces unnecessary confusion and helps your peace of mind.

3. Bhujanga Asana Yoga Pose

bhujanga asana | yoga pose

The Bhujanga Asana is called the snake, because this seat resembles the shape of the snake when it rises up.

How to Do Bhujanga Asana Yoga Pose

  • Bend both legs close to the back.
  • Keep the arms near the chest and exhale slowly until the body is raised from the waist up to the head.
  • Now focus on the back with calm breathing with normal breathing, and this condition should last about 20 seconds.
  • Then breathe in and slowly return to the chest and head to the ground.
  • Practice this three more times and try to stay in a more comfortable position.

Advantages For Doing Bhujanga Asana Yoga Pose

  • Relieves other lumbar pains, including back pain.
  • Stress is avoided by stimulating the nervous system.
  • The chest muscles and back are strong.
  • The liver, kidneys, and lungs are effective.
  • Drowsiness, abdominal problems, constipation, and fat loss near the waist.

4. Kapalbati Asana Yoga Pose :-

kapalbati yoga pose,kapalbati yoga asana

Kapalbati Yoga pose Avoid respiratory problems due to yoga. Provides good energy to the muscles and lungs of the body. Not only does it stimulate the body, it also keeps the nervous system healthy.

How to Do Kapalbati Asana Yoga Pose

  • To concentrate on breathing while sitting on the padmasana.
  • Take a breathe normally For Few minitues.
  • Next to the Gayan seal, you should hold the nose with the right or left-hand index figure, with the two fingers tucked away and the remaining fingers distant (as shown in the photo).
  • The two nostrils must be drawn and dropped one after the other.
  • When opening a nose hole, however, the second should be closed automatically.
  • When breathing in, take a close look, and tighten your stomach.
  • Immediately breathe out after counting one to ten numbers without quitting.
  • Kapalbati Yoga Asana should be done from the second nozzle.
  • Doing this five or six times will result in good results.

Advantages Of Kapalbati Yoga Pose

  • Awakens the organs of the body.
  • Increases concentration.
  • Shortness of breath problems.
  • Tidal volume increases.
  • Balances hormones in the brain.
  • Maintains temperature in the body.

Vrikshasana or Tree Pose Yoga Asana

vrikshna yoga pose,vrikshna yoga pose,vrikshna yoga postion

Vrikshasana has obtained from Sanskrit term Vrska. It includes two words Vriksh means asana and tree suggesting towards a position. It must be if someone declared Vrikshasana. It provides the soul of shrub, while doing. Keep the pose like a tree over the floor. This is known as vriksha-asana.

How to Do Vrikshasana Or Tree Pose

  • Stand upright. Keep the toes together.
  • Twist the ideal leg and put it in the very top of the left legs along with the feet of the straight leg should be pointed back again.
  • The perfect leg should vertical to the leg. Stretch your arms over your head.
  • Sniff and try to create Namaskar mudra along with your palms.
  • Balance the pose so long as possible because balancing is essential in Tree pose.
  • Attempt to create your back straight and feel that the extending from feet to palms.
  • With heavy exhale, bring your arms and leg. Can three-five rounds.

Advantages Of Tree Pose Yoga Asana

  • Vrikshasana develops admiration and self-confidence.
  • By practicing this asana, the tendons and ligaments of the toes get fortify.
  • Tree Pose also great for the pelvic area.
  • It stretches the whole body from feet to palms, thus invigorates you.
  • It provides proper stretching into the groins.
  • Tree Pose provides tranquillity to a mind so great for people that are facing the issue of sadness and anxiety.
  • This yoga asana is great for the hips as it can help to open it.
  • It increases your strength, endurance, and resistance.
  • It enriches the flexibility of thighs, back, and torso muscles.
  • Individuals afflicted by flat feet ought to practice it.
  • It’s beneficial for people that are having sciatica. However, it should be practiced by one.
  • It is helpful to cure pain and treats numbness.

Vajrasana Yoga Pose

vajra asana yoga pose for good health

If there is any beautiful seat that keeps the body always in condition, it is Vajrasana. As the name implies, it makes the body like a diamond. In Sanskrit, ‘Vajra’ means rigid. Yoga practitioners who see the diamonds posture are seen as representatives of inflexible will. Accordingly, this analogy is named Vajrasana. When all other asanas fall, then it is not right to lay down. But the diamond can be dropped at any time in 24 hours. You can sit in this seat, read the paper, watch the TV, read the books.

How to Perform vajrasana Yoga Pose

  • First, you need to get comfortable, Sit upright.
  • Both legs should be stretched forward.
  • The legs should be locked inward one after the other.
  • They should be inserted on either side of the anal.
  • Keep the foot on the lower part of the foot
  • Make sure to touch the entire floor from the knees to the top of the foot.
  • The top foot should be positioned on the bottom of the foot.
  • The backs of both toes should be equal.
  • Also, bring the two knees closer to each other.
  • Raise your head and look straight ahead.
  • The diamond should stay upright for as long as it is.

Advantages Of Vajrasana Yoga Pose

  • Helping indigestion
  • Relieving or preventing constipation
  • Strengthening pelvic muscles
  • Helping keep in mind calm and steady
  • Treating digestive acidity and gas formation
  • Helping relieve knee pain
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Helping relieve back pain
  • Strengthening sexual organs
  • Assisting treating urinary troubles
  • Increasing blood flow to the abdominal area
  • Helping Decrease obesity
  • Helping decrease menstrual cramps

Trikonasana or Triangle Yoga Pose

trikona asana yoga pose,trikona asana yoga sana

The significance of trikon is Triangle, while the importance of asana Is present. Triangle pose is quite crucial for health & wellbeing. Trikona Asana Has greater importance and significance from the domain of audio health. Extended Triangle poses yoga can deliver stability, strength, And endurance in your life. Therapeutically, triangle Yoga Pose is good for strengthening the legs and core.

How to perform Trikonasana or Triangle Yoga Pose

  • Stand vertical. Now, keep space between your legs around 3 to 4 ft
  • Stretch your arms at the shoulder level.
  • Inhale and increases your arm from the side of the mind.
  • Now, bend your straight arms exhaling towards the left side and maintaining your body weight evenly on both the toes.
  • You need to ensure The ideal arm eventually becomes parallel to the floor.
  • Keep the position following your relaxation with regular breathing and come to the initial location by inhaling.

Benefits of Trikona or Triangle Yoga Pose

  • This yoga pose is suggested for developing children to grow their height.
    Great for digestion.
  • It might be used for anxiety control.
  • Triangle pose helps you to expand your torso and shoulders.
  • Triangle pose helps you to reinforce your thighs, ankles, and knees.
  • This asana is fantastic to burn off fat. It is encouraged to an individual who’s currently confronting the states of obesity and weight.
  • It ensures freedom of hip joints and throat and provides appropriate stretch to your backbone.

Padmasana Yoga Pose

padma yoga asanam,padma yoga pose

The posture is similar to lotus. Padmasana is derived from the Sanskrit word. The Padma means lotus, and asana means position or state. Before starting the asanas, the floor should be covered with a thick, slightly fluffy cloth.

How to Perform Padmasana Yoga Pose

  • Sit on the floor and stretch both legs forward. Then hold the right foot with both hands and kneel up and place it on the left hip.
  • The right heel should be as close to the navel as possible.
  • Then hold the left foot with both hands and place it on the right thigh.
  • This should also be done as close to the left-hand side of the navel as possible. In this position, the knees of both legs should be touching the ground properly. The spine should be kept upright without further stress.
  • Stay in the same position for some time until it is comfortable.
  • The spine should be kept upright.
  • When two hands are in a standing position or two palms resting on one hand or the palm was resting on one side, Wave the fingers Cole put upright.

Benefits Of Padmasana Yoga Pose

  • Calm to the brain.
  • It will maintain your body as light.
  • Knees and ankles expand.
    It will help to movements on The lower back of the lower body, the spine, the pelvis, etc.

Gomukh Asana Yoga Pose

gomukha asana ,gomukha asana pose,gomukha asana

Gomukh’ may also mean lightness of their mind or mild in mind. Asana takes its name from the Sanskrit words move’, meaning Cow,’ Mukha’, significance confronts, and asana’, meaning pose. Incidentally, the term move’ also means mild.But This asana has its name as when one is doing This So Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose is an asana. Sanskrit Move -Asana, the body, looks like a cow’s face. In this manner, they’re broad at one end and tapering at the same.

How to Perform Gumukh Asana Yoga Pose

  • Now lightly flex your left leg and put it under your right buttock.
  • Twist your right leg and put it on your left knee.
  • Position both your knees close together as they’re piled one on top of the opposite.
  • Gently bend your left arm and put it on your back.
  • Take your shoulder on your shoulder, and extend it as far as possible till it reaches your left hand. With exercise, you’ll have
  • the ability to not only achieve but also grab your left hand.
  • Maintain the back vertical, expand your torso, and lean back.
  • Hold this pose for so long as you’re comfortable, as you sniff profoundly and slowly.

Advantages Of Gomukh or Cow Face Asana Yoga Pose

  • Gomukh Yoga Pose asana will help to bend the back, which makes it more elastic.
  • Gomukh Asana is helpful to heal rigid shoulders and helps in discharging the cervical spine.
  • Cow Face Asana enriches the functioning of their kidneys, thus helping individuals who have diabetes.
  • Practicing this asana frequently can decrease tension and anxiety.

Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Dog Yoga Pose

downward dog yoga pose positona, downward dog asana