10 Tips To Stay Cool in Summer Season

Here are 10 ways to keep escape from the summer heat, ff you don’t have an air conditioner. How to boost your host that you are not going to rost or become tost when summer becomes most. One of the ways beet the summer heat by using the Air conditioner (A.C), then you will stay cool 24/7. Then you have to pay a high amount of electricity, Bill. How to survive when the outside temperature is very high, Don’t worry here we give you the possible ways to stay cool in the summer.

How to stay cool in the summer

We can keep the house cool without AC or Cooler during the summer. Summertime temperatures are high, and we use AC and coolers to relieve the sunny summer. But the longer they use, the quicker they sing. Aside from using continuously, it can cause health problems as well as environmental problems. So follow the below hacks to keep your house cool and stay your body cool in the summer season.

1. Apply Sunscreen lotion
2. Close the windows in the morning
3. Wear summer fabrics
4. Don’t wear black
5. Hats and scarves
6. Stay in stay cool
7. Use ceiling fans
8. How to stay hydrate
9. Shut off the light when not in
10. Take a cool bath

1. Apply sunscreen lotion

It is very essential for your body. While going out in the sun apply sunscreen lotion at least before 30 minutes going out. Apply twice or trice per day. when you feel heat cover the exposed body parts with sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 or higher.Leather river legs arms and feet along with your face UVA & UVB rags have been shown to cause skin cancer.Besides, sunscreen lotion also help detect tanning due to exposure to the harmful Sun for long time.However, if you have a necessary your face and body to retain its fresh complexion use best sunscreen lotion before heading out.

2. Close the windows in the morning

Shut the Windows when the temperature outside is higher than 75 Fahrenheit and open them when the temperature drops below that.

3. Wear Summer Fabrics

You can wear dresses skirts, Kurtas, Maxis, tops and a lot more. Now we when have jackets for summers but people are confused about great fabric 6 options for summers. Some numbers enquiry lot about suitable fabrics for summer that make them feel comfortable without compromising with their style. Like Cotton, Linen, Chambray and Khadi.

Cotton a does not need any introduction because we all know about it. Does not matter which area region or country we belong to. Information of tips fabric has been passed on to us by generation.All of us know that cotton is the best fabric for summer. It’s good for you, if you have any skin irritations are sensitivities.

Properties of cotton :
Good absorbency it will help keep your body cool.
By observing sweat
Machine washable you can easily Mission was it without worrying about damaging the fabric.
In fact the strength of cotton increases when it is wet.

Soft on skin:
It is very soft on skin that is why it is recommended for babies and elderly people.

Loose Strength in Sunlight :
Regular and long exposure to sunlight may lead to Fabric damage.
Refer to dry cartoon dresses in shade.

Easy to Sew
If you are at starting position then use cotton fabrics for sewing projects.

4. Don’t wear black

Actually all of us know that darker colour absorb more heat from sun. We studied in 9th Grade so most of us fail to apply this really in real life.While more about wearing dark colour class in the Sun The absorb more heat which is intern transferred to our bodies making us hot feel.To help feel light colour during this brutal summers avoid wearing black.Change to lighter colours black white pastels that do not observed too much heat and do not develop body heat.Keep the black colour clothes for winter season.

5. Hats & Scarves

While going out in the afternoon use a scarf and stole around your head take that the scarf is light coloured material like cotton. It will detect a you from the ghastly loo as well.Before going out many women cover themselves with dupatta before leaving their homes in the summers for cause. Its saves you from the sun bonds should wear hats in the sun.

6. Stay in, stay cool

Stay cool it was necessary to avoid step out of your house mainly in the peak hours of the afternoon. The sun rays will a killer mixer to reckon with however do not give the comfort of your cool room at home or at the office, it’s AC fans and coolers. However try to wait until the sun sets and the weather changes for good in with the arrival of monsoon.

7. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan can help cool down a room pretty well. If you have this type of and make sure that the switch is set to summer mode.

8. Drink plenty of Water

The human body needs 5 to 6 liters of water per day, so try to drink plenty of water, stay your body cool and fresh.

9. Shut off the lights when not in use.

Opt for compact fluorescents & LEDS over incandescent light bulbs it’s best to stick with LED light and lighting because it has a longer life span.

10. Take a Cool Bath

During summer season simply you must bath twice a day. If you take a good shower you can easily get a refreshing after a hot day and then it helps bring down the body temperature. So shower & cool water baths also cleanse you after sweet and green that is sure to stick to your body in the heat.
However, take as much as possible many hours as you want to be when you feel the heat.

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