How To Choose Best Dedicated Server

Talking about finding the best dedicated server hosting. Selecting the greatest dedicated server for your business should be task.However once you have found your partner, it is “cheer” second we should give a significant in that moment.First take a clarity which is best here before going to select on the best dedicated server it is very personalised.For selecting the greatest dedicated server you should necessary to analyse your requirements.

1. Cpanel / WHM License included
2. Fully managed support
3. Unmetered Band width
4. SSD RAID Hardware

Finding the best dedicated server

Dedicated servers also known as bare metal server. They are of the highest level of service and ultimate combination of performance.Value and security for your cloud based hosted needs. Unlike cloud or virtual servers a “dedicater” server provides you with exclusive access to all physical hardware in the server.It is a farmer flexible then other hosting options.

  1. Proccer
  2. Memory
  3. Bandwidth
  4. Os
  5. Application
  6. Storage


How much stronger you need the server to be? Har equivalent video transcoding SQL or particularised applications like chat service you want a Xeon or dual Xeon server.Each server processor uses system resources including CPU cycles and memory.Increasing system resources by adding more memory and additional CPU capability.


RAM is essential part in order to select the organisation of your server and speed are loading of your website. If have a more memory great speed.Internet web hosting 32GB Ram dedicated server and dedicated server for 64 GB RAM which are very affordable and Highly popular.At Tunkey internet, they offer hosting solutions. That leverage their enterprise class infrastructure and award winning staff to take care of your online business needs.

Unmetered Band Width

Coming to the traffic after getting an idea of this to your site decide on the UN metre band with necessary if you are website shows in iCloud go for extra bandwidth.Take HD images if you have any idea to run scripts or any stream multimedia file so get extra bandwidth.


Depending upon your and accessories take care of union if you need Windows dedicated server on Linux dedicated server also you should take into account the type of your application.


Find your data storage requirements of your site also you can take from several hard drive options generally RAID is preferred because is there is a hardware failure all your data will be Last RAID is critical for mirror copying.


There is unnecessary Windows dedicated server if you are looking to host Ms, SQL,ASP. NET or Microsoft IIS. go for Linux server.If you use LAMP are MEAN stack or an application that does not need a specific Microsoft licence.

List of Tiers to Pick Up Good Dedicated Server

Before you choosing any dedicated server you must consider the extra features and tiers which provided by hosting providers, check the some of tier types to choose good one.

Performance tier

It is great for,
1. Large are demanding game server.
2. Running multiple game server at the same time.
3. Database hosting

General Tier

It is great configuration for
1. Small game /minicraft service.
2. Running one or more websites or web applications
3. Small scale file hosting / personal cloud.


It is useful for
1. Offsite backup storage
2. Larg file hosting

Each server under their respective category has been specially created by the MC Pro hosting team to fulfill its listed role and can be configured beyond their base configuration to fully site your needs.

Up times

Tier1 :- 28.8 hour of down time /year and 99.67% Uptime, no redundancy.
Tier2 :- 22 hours down time /year, 99.74% up time, partial redundancy in cooling and power,
Tier 3 :- 1.6 hours of down time / year and 99.98% Uptime, N+1 fault tolerant.
Tier 4 :- 26.3 minutes of annual downtimes and 99.99% up time, 2N+1 full Redundant infrastructure.

Analyse your requirements servers if you start any goal to work , without understanding your requirements, you may be not able to get success in your work.

Different kinds of servers

1 Ftp server
2. List server
3. Proxy server
4. Web server
5. Applications server
6. Domain server
7. Communication server
8. Print server

Web server

  1. Processes HTTP requests by responding with HTML pages.
  2. Server statistic content HTML images.
  3. No server side programming.
  4. No data base dynamics generation of HTML.

Types of web servers

1. Apache http server (by Apache)
2. Internet information services( by Microsoft )
3. Sun Java system web server.

Application server

Application servers that shows business logic to application programs through various protocols.Handleless all application operations between users and and organisations backend business applications or data bases

Deploys applications
Parts of application server Web container
Application client
EJB container

Types of application server
Apache Tomcat
J Boss

Operation system

You have to choose any server like Windows dedicated server on Linux dedicated serverClearly the budget is an essential factor every time. But if you have find the correct dedicated server in individually it is going to be worth investment.Application if it is a resource hungry application then you must go for a server having high computing power.Are you have a difficulty to analyse your needs? take assistant advice for a certified professionals.

Essential Aspects

Customer reviews you have a opportunity to get in touch with their customers, then do take care review ask regarding. The certain up time, how shift Dairy at that time the receive to solve queries.No server should go live without backup.
If it goes there are opportunities of you lost in the listDo they provide any additional services for free for example DDoS protection ( if they do they care for you)You need to ask questions related to access to list before selecting a dedicated server in India power supply, hardware, fire protection, building, data privacy extra.

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