How To Earn Money On YouTube

YouTube includes creators from all over the world to not only their ideas some work it public but also earn profit from it. If you want to become one of those bloggers and channel owners and get rich legally with YouTube.YouTube is the second biggest search mission in the world, then the third most visited site after Google and Facebook. Each and every day and minute 500 more hours of video or uploaded in YouTube and billion + hours of YouTube videos are seeing in a day. Compare to Facebook Netflix videos YouTube has a higher place. Everyone should follow a few simple steps you will find out here.

How To Make Money On YouTube

1. Start your own YouTube channel
2. How to create & post the best videos (like short films, creative videos, if you’re a singer you can post singing videos.)
3. YouTube analytics
4. Make extra money From YouTube
5. Sell Your merchandise on YouTube

1. How to start your own YouTube channel

Open YouTube channel is the first step to learn, how to create a YouTube channel is very simple. Just follow the below steps

  1. Go to Google login to your Gmail account if you have any problem if you don’t have to create an account and then come to
  2. Give a click on the drop-down menu it is available just on the left side of the Youtube logo.
  3. Through the menu go to my channel option. Click the video manager link and again click on Channel, choose to enable monetization.
  4. Another tab will open in that, “set up your channel on YouTube” with your name on it. So, now simply you have to save your personal details to create your channel.

2. How To Create And Post best videos On Youtube

Your channel may be regarding almost everything. You can start to make short and meaningful cartoons that are shared your life like singing any creative videos. It’s better to choose your name ( username) carefully. why? because the more difficult it to read it is very less chance there is that he will do it big. It must be something simple and rememberable. You should find your own creative video topics and Discover your unique style. Don’t make your videos too long. And always make sure that your audience will never get bored you need them to put being intrigued (entertain) by every second of it. also, check youtube to mp3 download

Requirements For Enable Monetization For YouTube Chanel

Watch time : The necessary at least 4000 hours of seeing time and 1000 subscribers to earning money. You can monetize all videos as well by opening video manager and clicking downside. You should set up a ” Google AdSense ” so you can get your earnings.

YouTube Analytics

It is basically your feedback.  Every YouTube checks analytics regularly so if you are a trust building your audience pay attention to those numbers and graphs.Interact with your yours more often to keep it personal. They can tell you how much is anything regarding your view and subscribers and they can provide you Idea on how to improve?

How To Getting a YouTube partner (make extra money)

You need to reach 15000 cumulative watch hours forever channel over the last 90 days you can become a YouTube partner.Go to the YouTube partner page give double clicks.YouTube partner how access to more creation tools, community support, and tips and can also win prizes it’s good right!AdSense will need a PayPal Account are valid address to know who you are and who to send money to.

Sell Your Merchandise on your YouTube

You can also start selling your own merchandise once your channel starts to become most prominent. The excitement of your subscribers and your bank account. Also there is a option to sell other people products as an affiliate marketer. Which means that you will be selling then in exchange for a Commission.

Might change and affect your content videos as you have to review your affiliate products.Provide link to then in description are make how to use tutorials which is not the bad for Lifestyle blog. Also waiting for sponsorship with certain companies for advertisements can be an excellent solution all you need,Hard workDeterminationFirst of all creativity, Confidence on yourself.

Choose what are good at your Niche.

Many people out there are sharing their lifestyle our passion with the world, through YouTube videos.
Are you have any interest that you would like to share the world.Here are some wonderful ideas advised, by how to make money from Youtube guide it will definitely help to make your option of Niche.

1. Teaching
2. Singing
3. Fashion suggests
4. Cooking videos
5. Pet videos
6. Comedy

Monetize your videos

How much money do youtubers make? After seeing an interesting video on your channel. India’s one of the most popular youtubers Bhuvan Bam who is the inventor of BB ki Venice it makes 3 to 4 lakh car video. Most of the other youtubers and channel sir making a best money from Youtube and base of good appealing, unique style, and engaging content you necessary to monetize your video.

Here are some of the ways in which you make money through your channel.

1. Advertising
2. Affiliate marketing
3. Direct promotion
4. paid video
5. Crowdsourcing

Master YouTube Marketing

Are you have the skills to discover the best videos and looking for ways to learn how to make money on YouTube by through those videos then you should master YouTube marketing.

1. Know the YouTube tags
2. joining social media marketing course
3. Know the proper YouTube marketing strategy for your channels.