How to Make Your Own Cartoon Miniature Effect

In our daily life, we see different types of Images and some images are really very creative and they will be very attractive and even they will be trending on all social media like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Youtube, etc…

We people get attracted to some images and we try to edit like that a same image and post in social media for likes and followers and now the trending image is a cartoon miniature image, now we are going to see how to make this image. In this tutorial, we used Toon App Android application on a mobile device to create a cartoon Effect.

Steps to make Cartoon Miniature image.

    1. Download Toon app
    2. Download PicsArt
    3. Open the Toon app and select your image
    4. Then adjust the image and toon it
    5. Save the image from the Toon app
    6. Open PicsArt
    7. Open the Background image given below
    8. Add the Png given below
    9. Add the image that you edited in the toon app
    10. edit the images and cut the face cleanly.
    11. Then adjust and add the image on that png background.

Video Tutorial for Create Cartoon Miniature image

These are the simple steps to make the Cartoon Miniature image. Here techiwala team added a video tutorial for beginners to learn creating trending Cartoon Miniature images. You can set your own cartoon image as WhatsApp, set as WhatsApp status or you can share stories on Instagram and other social media sharing sites.

Download Required Apps to Create your own Cartoon Picture

PicsArt App Download
Toon App Download
Backgrounds & Templates Zip File Download

Some Backgrounds and Templates to Create Cartoon Image