How To Run Windows OS On Mac Devices

People are interested in working with the windows operating system from older days. Windows operating system is the most desired operating system in the world. Windows operating system can be installed in the Mac system. In Mac, you can easily install the operating system of Windows 10 by using the Bootcamp assistant in the system. You need to follow these few steps to install the windows 10  operating system of Mac.

How To Run Windows On Mac Devices

You need to stay connected to the internet to download the Windows 10 ISO file from the Microsoft official website. You need to follow the steps by downloading the windows10 ISO file from the internet.


  1. Open the browser and enter the Microsoft official website on the internet. choose windows 10 and confirm to download the ISO file from it. You will see the Windows 10 ISO file in the Downloads.


You need to follow these steps to install Windows 10 on the mac. You need to stay connected with charging to the laptop for installation.

  1. After the completion of downloading ISO from Microsoft. Open the settings and choose the applications in it. Open the BOOTCAMP in the applications in it. Launch the BOOTCAMP ASSISTANT in the APPLICATIONS from the UTILITIES. Open the BOOTCAMP AND CLICK TO CONTINUE
  2. Choose the button next to the ISO image box and select the ISO file download in the BOOTCAMP.
  3. You need to allocate the space for the windows operating system and adjust the space by a simple dragging bar with calculating storage for it. You need to plan the amount of storage of the windows based on the utilizing of the windows 10 installation, applications, and games.
  1. After choosing the ISO file from the Downloads, adjusting the partition size, and click on the install. You see the windows 10 operating system is downloading and system drivers in the Bootcamp assistant. You will receive the prompt to enter the password to accept the installation of the Windows 10 operating system in the system. Your system will restart to install the operating system.


  1. You will see the windows logo in the system. You need to enter the desired language, time, and format in the keyboard and click on the next.
  2.  Now you need to activate the windows box and enter the windows 10 product key, enter it and click next. Otherwise, click on the option I don’t have a product key at bottom of the box.
  3. Select the Windows 10 pro or windows home or windows 10 edition in the windows settings. You can choose a later version and upgrade the system with the product key in the settings. You will receive the Windows 10 home which is the basic edition of the operating system. Choose the version and click on the next.
  4. In this step, you need to accept these terms and conditions of the windows 10 operating system to provide the upgrade and license for the version. Please accept the license terms box in the bottom left-hand corner and click next.

  1. The Installation process will move to copy needed files and install the features and updates in the system. The installation process will take a few minutes. Once the installation is completed, you will see the system will reboot after 10 seconds.
  2. Once the system rebooting is complete, the windows logo will appear again and the setup process will continue. You will see the blue with the welcome note for the user. You will see the options to express settings and but I recommend you clicking the customize button and disabling the most. Click the next button and proceed to the next pages in it.

how to open windoes applications on my apple laptop

  1. You will be asked to create an account on the Microsoft one drive for the signup. Create an account and password to enter the sign for windows. Click on the Next button in it.
  1. You can disable the Cortana personal assistant in windows and change the settings in the desired way. You will see the prompt to installation finish in the BOOTCAMP ASSISTANT.
  2. Windows installation is completed and needs to install the software update to set the system drivers for the system. You need to accept the terms and conditions of the license agreement in the system. You need to install the apple software update to install and proceed with the installation. In the settings of windows, you need to download and install the windows software updates in it. You will restart the system box is checked and click the finish to reboot your machine.
  3. Click on the Wi-Fi icon to connect the system with the local Wi-Fi network.
  4. Click on the start button in the windows operating system and select the apple software application update and install them. Account control pop-up windows and install additional related software installations. Your mac will reboot into windows 10.
  5. In the start, windows settings will see the update & security which click on the check for the updates button. Windows will download and any need updates in the restart. Click on the restart now to complete installation and reboot the system.


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You can change the operating system in the system by making a simple option key on your keyboard while rebooting. You need to select the windows and macOS installation. You need the change the system preferences in the startup Disk and choose Bootcamp in windows. On windows, you will click on the system tray in that Bootcamp and choose to restart the macOS.


You can install the Windows operating system in the system with multiple system application like VM ware, Parallels and other in it. You will never get exactly similar results with Bootcamp which reduces the performance and working in the system. It doesn’t take a long time to install windows 10 on your mac. You need to download the operating system the initial first one hour and download takes based on the internet speed. You can play basic games, applications on windows which is powdered by the graphic card.