Top 10 Best Free Softwares For Video Editing For Mac & Windows

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Having the best free software for video editing will change the video in your own style and choose from premium features to provide an extra range in it. In video editing software, you need to add the project file and access the premium features in the application. In Free Version, You can’t get the premium features in the application to access the video workflow tools faster and your life easier. You can get the best free software for video editing with premium features and tools for editing video in Good resolution.

In video editing, you need to have a workflow with tools faster and easier access the video in the suitable video format. In the video editing software application, you can’t get the suitable version for the operating system for Windows and Mac in it. On the internet, the Digital world is dominated by video content which helps drive the brand and stunning video content is possible with the help of the editing program. Here is the information about the video editing software application which is free, easy-to-use free video editing programs that can help you in the editing competition.

Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Applications For Mac & Windows

  6. VSDC

Here are the best free software application for editing video and images with Mac and Windows in them. This software provides work tools with premium features for the paid and free versions to attract the user for application to download and make them purchase the application.

01. iMovie

Imovie Video Editing Software Tutorials
Apple has its own operating system and application in the system. In the Mac, you will get the iMovie Application which is released in 1999 for Mac OS 8. In the iMovie, you will third version of iMovie was only released for OS-X and modified version. In the video editor for Mac also imports photos and video files from hard drives. iMovie is the best at importing video footage to Mac using the USB. You can edit the video clips and add effects or music. iMovie is the Rich in the various version with the features and enhancement tools.

iMovie has a video editing software application that is available for Mac users only and the latest version of the software allows you to Import and edit 4K video clips from external devices. iMovie is highly suitable for smaller projects and can handle 4k video green screen composting video. In the iMovie, you will get the features like Audio editing, video editing, Photos, screen effects, a class kit for an educational project,s and end credits it. iMovie is very much suitable for smaller projects and minor video editing projects. In the iMovie, you can generate titles, drag-and-drop transitions, motion graphics, 3D Image Rendering, and travel maps.


shotcut video editing software
It is a simple and free software application on the internet that can download and install in the operating system for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is a great editor for Home video editing and simple projects on the desktop. Shotcut supports most of the literal number of formats via the FFmpeg project which can capture video and photos can be placed from a computer with support up to 4K resolution.

Shotcut has features like cross-fade, scopes, filters, audio mixing, and pitch compensation. You
will get the premium features from the application and workflow with tools is very easier. You can
also edit the video project like professional editors will appreciate this feature on complex
projects. You will get the application for free with all premium features from the Shotcut without
paid. You can edit the video in the timeline and 4K resolution supported in the system.


OPENSHOT free video editing application

OpenShot is the software application open-source video editor with an impressive list of features in it. You can download for cross-platform open-source from 2008 with aim of a stable version for free and accessible for a video editor. Openshot is a great free video editing software for beginners and supports formats, keyframes for animation, green screen, 3D image rendering, titles, compositing support, and a heap of extra features for the modern video editor.

Open Shot is complete for the free version for the operating system like Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. You can cater to both the novice user and the more experienced one in video editing. The program in the advanced timelines allows for paintings, scrolling, zooming snapping, and drag and drop. You can add subtitles, 3D animated text, and templates to it.


DAVINCI RESOLVE video editing software

It is a simple and free software application that is more and professional-grade video editor that has a lack of color grading tools the developers are famous for the studio version. The Davinci Resolve which is a studio version costs nearly $1,000 with the basic version is free and better. You can still process images with high-quality abilities and a pricier version. You can even edit the video and photos with an external hard drive for faster editing. In the Davinci Resolve, you can edit the video with various video formats like the output in SD, HD, and Ultra HD for most users. You can easily understand the advanced grading tools and tracking tools in professional users to grade.

DaVinci Resolve is one of the more expert-level grade video editing with advanced platforms to form our list. Take the Individual User Cache feature. you furthermore may have the choice of protecting projects with the utilization of user rights. It’s designed to offer each user collaborating on a project the prospect to get and manage their own cache files, helping them optimize their system’s performance. DaVinci Resolve features include are advanced trimmings, Multicam editing, color correction, audio correction, and image correction. Everything about the tool caters to pros that require professional-level editing software to control every aspect of their product.


BLENDER free video editing software for travel video nature edits

Blender is the best free video editing software application for Mac and windows with a free 3D rendering program. Blender has the premium features of the best list of animation essentials such as modeling, rigging, interface, animation, shading and UV wrapping, real-time 3D game creation. Blender has the advanced version with 3D features with cuts and splices into your video through a detailed and intuitive timeline. You can also perform tasks like video editing and color grading to make your output video.

Blender is a free 3D modeling with composting app used in high-profile productions. Blender
is a non-linear video editor and willing to take time to learn. You can use the blender to cut and splice
video, mix and sync audio with video or apply adjustment layers, transitions, and filters. Blender is
the video editing which written C, C++, and python language for the cross-platform.

06 – VSDC

VSDC free video editing application for video editing stabilization

VSDC is a free video editor and good features that are compatible with Windows and Linux. In the VSDC free video editor of stylish built-in-effects, transitions, and audio filters. It is consumer-oriented and easy through for simple video tasks. You can include the screen-capture tool and old fashioned, unorthodox interface in it. VSDC helps to edit the video 360 and audio in it. VSDC is also windows- only program and upgrades for the pro version for $20 which will get the additional features like full multimedia, advanced settings, hardware acceleration, sub-pixel resolution, chroma key functionality, visible audio, and masking tool. You can download the VSDC video converter, audio converter, audio CD converter, and editor on the website.

VSDC is support for windows operating system platform with packed features and functionality with audio editing in it. VSDC is very useful and easy to learn for beginners. VSDC provides pro version features for paid members only.


HITFILM EXPRESS video editing application for free

HitFilm Express is the best professional video editor with premium features like trimming, splicing, audio editing, and video editing. You can use the Hit Film express to have an advanced and free package in the 180 special effects. You can edit the video in the Hollywood effects, interactive and engaging in it. The HITFILM Express has Advanced cutting tools, Green Screen effects, Audio and video filters, and 3D video support.

HitFilm Express has compositing tools, layers, and masking tools in it. It has features like professional-grade video editing, unlimited video, and audio timeline-track position, audio mixer for fine-tuning sound for professional-quality output. It is available for Mac and windows. It is required high requirements for the Installation in the system.


LIGHTWORKS free video editing application

Light Works is the best video editing tools that are suitable for the cross-platform and open-source application. You can download the official software application from the website with powerful features and effects with a highly customizable interface. You can edit the Multitrack editing with suitable MPEG formats. Light Works is a video editing software application with the operating systems are Windows, macOS, and Linux. You include the ability the import and render footage in the background with video effects in the real-time application. You can adjust the keyboard and custom shortcuts to your editing jobs.

You can edit the video with 4K video supports for YouTube and Vimeo in the premium and paid version for the software which costs you around 25$ a month. You can export the Video quality of the 720P for YouTube.


AVIDEMUX video editing application for free

It is one of the best video editing software for beginners with a simple and easy-to-use application. You can easily understand the simple cutting, editing, encoding, effects, and filtering in the application. It is a simple software application with many features in the editing tools. You can easy to edit the software application with the external hard drive and transfer the video editing from the computer. You can edit the video quality with High-resolution in various formats. You can the audio editing and mix the audio in the system. You can have a limited number of features in the application.


KDENLIVE free video editor features pros and cons

Kdenlive is a video editing application with premium features like video and audio editing, image editing, video converter, video rendering, 3D video, and feature-packed it. You can edit the video within the application with ideal professional tools in it. It is complex for beginners and difficult to use the application. It is available for Mac OSX, Windows, and GNU/Linux Distributions. It has more features like Multi-track video editing, Use any audio and video format, configurable interface and short cuts, timeline and many effects with transitions, audio, and video scopes, proxy editing, and automatic backup with online resources.