Universal Travel Pass Registration, Login, Links, Procedure

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Due to Covid 19, you have to apply online in advance if you want to go anywhere. This procedure can now be completed entirely online, Does without the need to leave your home. QR code (Quick Response Code) The Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority offers E-pass services to all Mumbai registered firms, via which you may request a travel pass. Depending on the business, the government has split the enterprises into numerous groups.

Universal Travel Pass

According to the department’s requirements, employees of these companies can use a universal pass to travel freely during the restricted period. These badges are generated via a system designed for the personnel of the registered institutions. The QR code on these UTs generated by the system. The bus or train authorities may check your travel passes. Residents of Mumbai who want to understand more about UTP should read this post at least once because it contains as much information as possible. The registration and download procedures are second nature to you.

Universal Pass Registration

Universal Travel Pass Registration, Login, Links, Procedure 2022 covid 19

The e-pass can only be obtained by scanning the QR code; thus, there is no risk of fraud. Only individuals with all the details will be given a pass, and node cops will be hired to help with the inquiry. As you are all aware, a strong curfew has been imposed throughout the country owing to the ongoing Covid19, and people in such a circumstance have had a lot of difficulties traveling around.

In such a situation, the government introduced an online Travel pass, which was limited to the medical sector and determined by public service providers. However, the government has begun distributing identification cards to employees of registered businesses. You can also get more extensive information about this by visiting the web portal linked in our post.

The Purposes of the Universal Travel Pass

The following are some of the critical goals of e-pass. Its primary goal is to assist people in traveling in Covid19.

  • Medicine, utility, and education are the only three categories for this.
  • The administration hopes that all medical and educational services will be available to everyone.
  • This means that you can now travel by train in a rickshaw.
  • You can get your UTP by scanning a QR code.
  • It can be used to travel to different nations.

Criteria for Universal Pass Eligibility

There are a few things to remember when applying for Travel E Pass in Covid 19 Pandemic.

  • To apply, you must be a resident of India.
  • Children can’t request it.
  • Only those who work in the medical, educational, or public service fields can apply.
  • To apply, you must be in categories and subcategories.
  • If you want to register, you must have all the necessary information.

To apply for a Universal Pass, you’ll need the following documents.

You will need the following documents to use: –

  • Aadhar card is a government-issued identification card.
  • Voter id
  • Registration certificate
  • Identification from the government
  • a legally recognized business
  • Industrial papers
  • Registered mobile number

Process of establishment registration and Universal Travel Pass.

Registration of the Purpose: The process begins with registering the Purpose in the portal. The pass cannot be granted unless the company is written on the site. This is a one-time registration process. The procedure for registering can be found at the bottom of this page.

DM examines the application form and approves it: The UTP application is sent after registration in the portal. The district’s Disaster Management Authority will then assess this application. The relevant authority approves the application when the data has been successfully examined and checked.

CSV files can be used to upload personal information. Following a successful request, interested coordinators must upload their details using the portal’s CSV Excel template. Employees who have had their requests accepted by the DM will receive an SMS after uploading all of their information. This SMS is delivered to employees to log onto the site.

Employee photo upload and generation of UTP

Employees must upload their images after logging in, which can only be done once. Finally, UTP is produced, which the facility/staff can print.

How to apply online for a Universal travel pass?

  • To apply, you must first sign up for an account on the online application portal through epassmsdma.mahait.org.
  • You’ll discover two options for registering your property and downloading the travel guide on the front page.
  • You must select “Register your company.”
  • On the next page, the form will appear.
  • In this situation, you must use red markers to fill in all sub-branches.
  • In this field, you must provide the registration number, the kind of establishment, the category of establishment, and the photo of the registration certificate, among other things.
  • Then you’ll have to fill out the contact information.
  • Then you must agree with all of the terms and conditions before proceeding to the declaration.
  • Following that, after clicking register, you will receive a message on your registered mobile number confirming that your registration has been completed.

How to request the local Universal Travel Pass QR code online

  • To begin, go to the official website by clicking on the link.
  • You must select a universal travel pass from the main page.
  • Then you must choose. Register your business or organization.
  • Then you must fill out the form and ensure that all of the info is valid.
  • The coordinator will then supply all pertinent information regarding the personnel number.
  • Where you must fill up information such as the member’s name, department, and phone number, among other things.
  • An SMS will be sent to your employee once the process is complete.
  • A member’s cell phone number can be used to log in.
  • After you’ve signed in, you’ll need to provide a clear photo of yourself.
  • At Last, Download your OR-based Universal Travel Pass.

Official Websites List to getting Universal Travel Pass

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