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Advantages & Disadvantages of Drinking Wine



advantages and disadvantages of having winr

Drinking Wine is the Healthy Habit and popular drinks out there, and many families drink glass is a long tradition and inspired to studies about health effects, and results are quite interesting. Wine is the health drink which usually taken from olden ages and lowers the risk of several diseases. Moderate consumption of Wine improves Health and avoid several health problems in the body. Drinking Wine is the Health and many families taking as traditional with potential benefits.

Wine is fully loaded with antioxidants and infinite benefits to the body, which provides free radicals to give improve immunity. Most of the people and couples will treat with a bottle of wine split between two people is perfect for friendship and relationship. Glass Wine is a part of a healthy diet, and consumption of Wine helps in the aging effect in research studies revealed recently.

The process of breaking down Wine in the body puts pressure in the liver and reduce the absorption level is slowed down in the liver. Scientists are started to research the potential health effects and results of Wine. Excessive consumption of Wine gives lazy, loss of memory, and obesity. When consumption of more Wine in women putting more pressure in the liver and food digest system with liver drop down in the body. Increase concertation and pressuring the liver effect in the physic in the human body of women.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Wine

Let us discuss every study point about glass wine and research about wine effect in the human body in men and women. These are Health adverse benefits of drinking Wine in the human body and side effects of drinking wine.

having red wine

Advantages Of Drinking Wine

Wine is made of out Grapes are rich in antioxidants has catechin, epicatechin and proanthocyanidins are responsible for the Wine. Wine has proanthocyanidins which help to prevent heart disease and cancer. Wine is linked to benefits than other alcoholic beverages and lower risk than nondrinkers. I am having small amounts of red Wine that reduce heart disease and good cholesterol in the blood. The higher amount of wine cause damage to the liver and body parts. Here the advantages of Wine and health benefits in a detailed manner.

Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease

Every day, people are taking many precautions to neutralize free radicals in the blood of the human body. Heart disease is the common disease heard in the world, and several factors health of blood vessels, the flow of blood, and cardiovascular disease. In the recent study by researchers at the oxford university, red Wine will help you in the The health of blood vessels and consumption of blood vessel cell health was enhanced.

Wine is a healthy drink that helps in the free flow of blood and improving the health of the heart and avoids the risk of cardiovascular disease. We hear to support the people to take the glass of Wine and does not support drinking for nondrinkers to the risk of alcoholism. Light drinking of Wine helps you to stay positive for heart health.

Aging Affect

Wine is made of grapes, which is a highly concentrated and resveratrol compound found in it. When it comes to longevity with time, healthy living, and diet. In the diet, everyone wants to have healthy food that has olive oil and vegetables with Wine. There is something magical drink that makes younger and increase life span that resveratrol has Wine. The recent study of the researcher at Harvard Medical school found that resveratrol activates act as an anti-aging agent, which helps to improve your health and longevity and increase your life span with a glass of Wine.

Lifespan And Cancer

Wine is the healthy drink that helps to reduce certain cancers and strong evidence that Alcohol can cause cancers and heavy drinking over time, which can cause damage to body tissues and potential adverse effects of alcohol benefits from the resveratrol. Enjoying the drinking wine in moderation is safe, and drinking excessive alcohol is harmful.

Moderate Range of drinking wine will help fighting cancer and better outcomes in cancer. Alcohol increases estrogen in the body and encourages the growth of cells of cancer, and white Wine may reduce the estrogen levels and increase testosterone in females. In the research studies, Wine helps in resveratrol has protective effects against cancer in the human body. Wine helps stop the growth of tumors and the death of cancer cells.

Consumption in a moderate level of alcohol is safe for people and help in prostate cancer. Alcohol causes damage to liver disease and increases the risk of heart disease. Wine has bonded with good liver health and fights lower liver fibrosis in non-alcoholic liver disease in the people. People are who have a liver disease problem need to stop drinking alcohol, and drinking Wine helps in fighting liver cancer cells. Resveratrol in Wine makes heal the tissue inside your body.

Disadvantages Of Drinking Wine

White Wine

Drinking the Alcohol in daily life and arranging them in the chart sheet made round the curve from the drinking moderately to drinking heavily. Heavy drinking can affect the liver as hepatitis and scarring of the liver. An increase in blood pressure and damage to the heart muscle potentially play a role in cancers. Drinking Wine causes the loss of memory, sleeping disorder, risk of depression, gaining access to weight. Here the disadvantages of drinking Wine and its effects on the human body.

1. Alcohol Dependence
2. Liver cirrhosis and risk of depression
3. Weight gain
4. Increase the risk of death and disease
5. Sleep disorder and lack of memory

These are major problems caused by the heavy drinking of Wine and the effects of the human body. Excessive consumption of drinking wine contributes to high-calorie intake and weight gain. High wine intake also leads to the risk of premature death.


These are more advantages and disadvantages of the Wine and studies of the research on the wine-drinking lifestyle. Excessive drinking wine causes loss of memory, gaining weight, and risk in deadly diseases. Wine is the heathy drinking which is taken from the olden days and treated cure for many aging effects, heart flow of blood. Take the glass of Wine as per timings and treat with wine relationship bond.

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12 Yoga Asanas To Get Weight Loss



yoga poses asana for weight loss techiwala

Actually getting slim or Losing weight can be really tough. Exercise ( yoga/ workouts/hasanas) are really does provide you a full body workout not only it looks like you aren’t doing Mach at all.Keep each and every posture as long as you can( up to 15 to 20 seconds at first timers).Try to hold one minute of time for every work out here proper workout Dude one side and reps on the opposite sides.The yoga for beginners total body workout for weight loss 30 minutes.

Here are a few Yoga Poses those will definitely help to reduce your weight.

1. Setu bandh ( bridge pose)
2. Mandukasan
3. Utkatasana(chair pose)
4. Virabhadrasana 2 ( warrior 2)
5. Plank
6. Warrior 1
7. Wind Relieving pose
8.Bhujangasana(sarpasana) /cobra pose
9. Bow pose / dhanurasana
10. Shalbasana
11. Shuturmurghasana
12. Vajrasana

1. Setubandh Yoga Pose To Get Weight Loss

1. For this workout you have to lie down on flat surface and that too on your back and bend your knees in such a way that your feet rest on the floor.
2.The distance between your feet and buttocks must be the same as your hands.
3. Try to lift your body in the opposite direction now try to doing this 5 to 10 times and then release.
4. This answer na gives a good massage to your thighs and lower back.

2. Mandhukasana Yoga Pose To Get Weight Loss

1. Sit down on the floor in vajrasana position. Now make fists with both your hands and place them on your stomach. In such a way that the joint touches the novel.
2. Press both the fists against your abdomen now try to touch the ground with your forehead, try to bend down words as much as you can.
3. Keep this posture for 20 seconds and then release.
4. Fibre coating this yoga asanas daily will help in reducing belly fat.

3. Utkatasana ( chair pose) Yoga Pose To Get Weight Loss

1. utkatasana is a standing workout post poses that turns the entire body particularly the price thighs! The positioning of the yoga is just like sitting chair.
2. Expect that you need to balance yourself without using any chair.
3. This yoga develops your strength balance and stability.

4. Virabhadrasana 2 ( warrior 2 pose) Yoga Pose To Get Weight Loss

Warriors 2 pose is a standing workout for posture name after mythological Hindu Warrior Virabhadra.
2. A powerful steps for that legs, groins, and chest Warrior 2 also develop stamina of your body.
3. It helps to get rid of back pains and stimulates healthy digestion this is Deep hip opening Postures.
4. This will strengthen stem cells in the thighs and buttocks it turns the abdomen ankles and arches of the feet.

5. PLANK Yoga Asan To Get Weight Loss

This plant is actually one of the rear exercises that not only strengthen your call but also work your entire body.You are giving your core muscles a fantastic workout.And if you don’t think you can get a good workout by holding still, just wait until you try to hold a plank for 30 to 60 seconds, you are going to feel it.

6.Warrior 1 Yoga Pose To Get Weight Loss

Warrior one also gives a good stretch to your chest, and lungs, shoulders, hips, thighs and the list goes on.

7. Wind Reliving pose Yoga Pose To Get Weight Loss

Wind relieving pose helps to improve your digestion relief back and neck pain and set your hips size ankles they are also great at relieving stress.

8. Bhujangasana( sarpasana/ cobra pose) Yoga Pose To Get Weight Loss

The name comes from the Sanskrit words bhujanga meaning snake” or “serpen” & and hasana meaning “posture” ! Or seat.From your prone position with arms and legs on the floor that chest is lifted.Bhujangasana maybe strengthen the spine stretch the relieve stress and fatty give traditional text say that bhujangasana increases the body heat, destroys diseases and awakens kundaline.

9. Bow pose / Dhanurasana Yoga Pose To Get Weight Loss

It is also known as bow pose. Are you have to do leg is to lie down on the floor with your belly touching the ground. Keep your hands besides your chest .Now take a deep breath and lift your legs and thighs up. At the same time you have to try to catch your legs with your hands.Rest of in this posture for 30 seconds and release.

10. Shalbasana Yoga Pose To Get Weight Loss

Lie on your belly with your hand resting below your eyes while forehead and Chinna resting on the floor now try to raise your left leg up to 10 inches.Keep your legs tight do not bend your knees.After that try doing the same with your right leg too.Ending of the state do this with both your legs.

11. Shuturmurghasana Yoga Pose To Get Weight Loss

For the weight loss another yoga good is shuturmurghasana .For this keep your legs tight went from your waist and try to touch the toys for even the floor.This you can do with a little practice. Hold it for few seconds and then gradually ajimo was standing pose.

Important :

Needless to emphasize that the pregnant ladies can’t do either of these Asanas.But before and after pregnancy they must do it so that they keep their weight medium.As our readers might have noticed all those Aasan Aasan good for weight loss and healthy which area bring their weight down.It is the movement of the weight coupled with exercises that activate the blood circulation that are generally found a good for health.

12. Vajrasana Yoga Pose To Get Weight Loss

Vajra means thunderbolt in Sanskrit . Since this asana makes the body as a strong as thunderbolt, it is so named.


Kneel down on the floor with your knees ankles and big boys touching the ground. Now sit down on your heels and place your palms on the knees.Keep yourself erect but relaxed.Breadth should be deep even and slow. Now expand your chest and draw the abdominal region inwards.This asana even the pregnant ladies up to the initial 5 months can also do. It removes the spinal problems and even terms of sexual organs of the both male and female. You can do it even after having your means.It produces, strength to your thighs and knees.

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How Yoga Helps Relieving Stress & Anxiety



how yoga helps releiving from stress

Most people’s lives are set up to keep them and anxious. Unreasonable work demands, strained relationships, violent news reports, and frustrating traffic or just a few of the every day every is most people face.Approximately 15% of people will experience diagnosed and anxiety disorder in their lives, with hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on an anti-anxiety medication every year.With more than 40 million clinically and anxious people in the United States alone it is easy to see that we are living a cultural havery is out of hand.

How Yoga Helps You From Stress & Anxiety

The people in this statistics typically have their basic needs for food and shelter met. Many of them have everything they could hope for on the surface, with healthy families and state about jobs and good friends.However on the inside their reminds a sense of fear worry or dissatisfaction. There is a and emotional knowing that says something is missing I could go wrong. In this absence of faith, anxiety arises.The “stress” actually means “narrowness” or oppression. How trapped tightly would we feel when under stress! “Anxiety” is a from the Latin for “to choke”. Yikes!

Stress that leads to anxiety = Absence of confidence

Once Ask, why do I want to be free from anxiety?If you give up stairs and anxiety what else to you have to give up? What could you no longer do /think/ say/ feel/ believe if you are stress free? Do not dismiss these questions look deploy in to yourself and she is there are inklings of answers.Yoga’s for relieving Stress & anxiety

The state of your body directly relates to your state of mind you will start to do the yogas in your daily actions. As you practice the following yoga poses hold you an intention in mind to amplify the benefits.

Before beginning the yoga postures record the current quality of your thoughts and feelings. The following yoga postures give you a chance to practice embodying your higher self as you keep your mind focused on your intention.

1. Yastikasana/pavana Muktasana(stick pose)
2. Setu Bandhasana
3.Restoractive Forward bend

1. Yastikasana

Lying on your back in hell both arms overhead placing the back of your hands on the floor over your head.Stretch from the waste and Middle back in either direction to make your body as long as possible by keeping your soldiers relaxed.Exhale and draw the right knee towards the chest holding gently with both hands at the at the Shin are behind the knee.You may flex your toes towards the sky (pavanamuktasana).

Repeat the inhale, stretching your body long, and open into yastikasana.Exhale The Other left me to the chest holding with both hands while The Hills press out words and toes reach up.This posture offers a full body stretch and may be practiced independently of other poses.For those of you how stress affects digestion there is the added benefit of activating peristalsis and elimination.

Setu Bandhasana

Rest on your back and bend your knees bringing them hip width apart with feet planted close to buttocks.Ensure sweet and nice remain in line with the hips through the entire pose rather than collapsing them in or out.Inhale and roll the pelvis and lower back up ward from the mat.Continue breathing deeply feeling Europe’s expand to the sites and back of your body. Hold for comfortable time breathing regularly and grounding into your legs and feet before lowering on an exhale with flow control.This posture helps deepen and the breath and connect you to the ground for a feeling of safety.

Restorative Forward bend

Come to a seat at positionSoles of the feet on the floor similar to the posture above, Exhale undressed the front of your body on your thighs resting your forehead on your knees.You may need to hold your arms and the need to create a pillow for your headOtherwise rest them alongside the legs feel your entire body relaxing with each Exhale.Hold for roughly 10 breeds to give the muscles and mind sufficient time to relax.Then roll up gently with the help of your arms.

Deep Breath (morning Breath)

What difference would it make in your life if every morning begin with Calming connection.This exercise offers us simple practice that can be done daily in very little time for big impact on easing stress and anxiety.

  1. Begin each day with three Deep breaths thinking of your current spiritual intention.

Note : laughter works as an alternative to the deep breaths.

  1. The closer to awaken that you perform this exercise the more effective it will be

This practice set the tone for the day shifting consciousness Tu Ek kaam perspective before you face any challenges. It has the additional bonus of lowering your nervous systems baseline of stress relaxing you even more before the day gets going so when stresses occur, you can slough then of more easily.This helps inoculate you organised accumulative effects of stress throughout the day you can return to a conscious in tension wire deep breath whenever you choose


Have you ever Rush through a store hurried frustrated pressed for time, and had a stranger smile at you?Immediately the connection is Suiting how about the experience of being alone in your car sad and stressed, and pulling up beside someone at a red light who is draining are singing loudly.It can instantly shift your tone a smile is a force to be reckoned with. The ancient taoists new this and that at the self care technique of the inner smile.

  1. Begin farming a smile gradually whitening it to use Grin. It’s ok if you are don’t feel like grinning, just put your facial muscles into that happy looking posture.
  2. Notice the feeling of your smiling muscles the upward tug of your lips, squint of your eyes, the relaxed forehead.
  3. You may noticed that smile brings other sensations throughout your body as well.
  4. Feel the presence of the smile in your mind perhaps in the form of Happy Images uplifting emotions are a General come feel your body light up as if showered by smiles.
  5. Let the green soft and living a peaceful upward curve of your lips and mentally move the shaft smile to your forehead releasing any lingering thoughts.
  6. Feel the smile permit your skull then cascade down your neck and shoulders feeling towards your torso.
  7. Modus mile into your heart and create a peaceful acceptance of any emotions that may reside there.
  8. There is a no need to avoid dresses simply feel the emotions with a peaceful awareness.
  9. Hello the smile to continue through your body resting in the stomach region relaxing the diaphragm.
  10. Feel it flow through your guts and down your spin drifting down your legs to your feet.
  11. Baskin the smiling feeling shining through your entire body. These simple practice can be applied at any time to feed yourself contentment.
  12. When happiness is present here cannot exist when we smile we cannot feel nervous.
  13. When we feel good we start smiling our facial muscles are engaged in a certain pattern
  14. The brain recognises this pattern and releases endorphins and dopamine.
  15. We feel joyful more than likely we can use the same feedback loop in rivers that is we smile to feel food the brain will recognise the pattern of muscle activation and release feel good neurotransmitters.

It takes practice though. Babies are set to smile hundreds of times a day I don’t smile 40-50 times sometimes not even that many.Maybe if we forced ourselves to Smile as frequently as we baby we would automatically be happy and less and anxious. Enjoy the experience of the smile uplifting your sense of physical, emotional and mental well being.

Consider Supplements

several supplement gives stress and anxiety reduction here we have some of the most common things.

Omega 3 fatty acids :- One study showed that medical students who received Omega 3 fatty supplements experienced 30% reduction a anxiety symptoms.

Green tea :- It contains many polyphenol antioxidants which provides health benefits. It may lower stress and anxiety by developing serotonin levels.

Lemon balm :- Is a member of the Mint family that has been studied for its anti anxiety affects.

Listening music

Listening songs are any music can have a very relaxing effect on the body slow paced instrumental music can induce the relaxation response by helping lower blood pressure and heart rate as well as stress hormone.some different types like a classical native American and Indian music and particularly shooting by simply listening to the songs you enjoy is effective to.listen very calming sounds of songs this is why they are often incorporated into stressless and meditation. it is good way to relieve stress.

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10 Tips for Growing your Hair Thicker & Longer



best tips for thicker and longer hair

All of us know that we lost our hair by doing a lot of damaging stuff to our hair like colouring,  bleaching,  using heat tools.This article will help those whose wanted their hair thicker and longer.follow the bellow simple tricks regularly, definitely you will get better results.

Best Tricks For Thicker and Long Hair

1. Washing
2. Conditioner
3. Blow- Drier
4. Curling Iron
5. Combs and brushes
6. Tools and Accessories for setting
7. Hair colouring
8. Diet
9. Seasons
10. Sleeping

1. Washing

Shampoo is an indispensable first requirement for good maintenance of your hair grown. Of course the age old principle is struck to one brand but you don’t know what you might be using is not the ideal choices for your hair.Massage shampoo in two roots moving from your ears to the back of your head rings your hair with warm water wash your hair again.It is better to select at least 2 to 3 shampoos and stick to your choice depending upon the vagaries of weather. For what may be good for the winters might not be good for the rainy season.

Also, samas might require at another kind of shampoo. Remember that depending upon the external conditions the best shampoo is that which keeps the pH level of your scalp normal and which has enchanting scent.Ask friends are your hair dresser for recommendations once you have selected your ideal shampoo or a set of shampoos to cope with the vagaries of weather, you must decide the frequency of its use.

It mainly depends upon your occupation or nature of work if you are a housewife you might not required to shampoo your hair frequently those who go out to work Mein required to shampoo there more frequently.Remember that no matter how good the cut or how pretty the style your hair cannot world look it’s best if it is not clean, fluffy and manageable.In case you are required to shampoo frequently you should go for a simple hairstyle.

2. Conditioner

A good shampoo might require an occasional hair conditioning which requires a good hair conditioner. Hair that is wash frequently Parmod are coloured are regularly exposed to heat and hair appliances surely needs a hair conditioner. It will improve your hair growth.Although your hair dresser again maybe the best one to advise you, yet generally choose an instant liquid conditioner to apply after each shampoo.

once a month treat your hair and scalp to Deep conditioning treatment for extra nourishment. If you are here is damage use the deep conditioner more often say two or three times a month.

Also remember that a damaged hair can be repaired by any hair conditioner. A hair conditioner can ask your it only makes it look and feel better when case your hair is damage cut off the damaged part before starting your conditioning operations.

3. Blow – Drier

It is generally held that repeated exposure of hair to blowers come dryer of all sizes and wattage damages the stands you will have to select the size range.. Etc.Of these accessories but also their frequency of operation over your head see which of them you find most useful apart from their being Handy.Those with travelling job should go for those blow dryers that are easily packed.

4. Curling Iron

Of course,  using them for creating a desired curves is not visible for working persons but it is a great for brief touch ups and quick curls.Mind it up to 38 38 degrees Fahrenheit is a great temperature for the thin hair when you use a curling iron. Normal hair from 338 to 392 for degree fahrenheit from 392 to 446 F fahrenheits is better for thick hair.It is also available in portable varieties ideal reviving withered or wilted hairstyle.

5. Combs and Brushes

We have repeatedly been touching upon their ideal quality but the truth is that you have to select them in accordance to you need.Your hair quality and their usefulness only precautions one must always take his ensuring that the nylon brushes have their tips rounded. Any Android nylon Bristol might cut straight clock loss and damage your hair.

The best comes from the point of view of holding them and conveniently running them through hair is that with handle or tail. As for the brushes after you blow dry your hair the ideal brush is that beat a round Natural brushes.

This precious come in many sizes you choose the size according to you need the larger brushes create fullers lose style while the smaller ones are best for a tighter curly hair look.

6.Tools & Accessories for setting

Roller Swetha the foam kind or hard plastic once come handy if electric appliances don’t do your head job to your satisfaction.These rulers will give you a fool and fluffy style but it is advisable not to go in for brushless or rollers secured with hair pics as they both tend to break or damage your hair.There are also available bobby pins are chips that can effectively used for producing girls right from find nipples to Deep waves. using this type of accessories you can improve your hair growth.

Those who use the setting aids manage to save a lot of time you can put more hair on each roller if you take advantage of these setting aid and in that case your hairstyle will outline the style said by gels and lotions.Plain battles are small hair combs come handy to repair a fall and hair style in case you keep your hair long you can sweet it back with a quoted band.Keep this in your bag to help you set your hair in a short notice.

7. Hair colouring

If you have a light hair say yes to peach olive oil Jojoba coconut oil and avocado oil, and no to castor oil.The beauties with dark colour head must use olive oil or Apricot kernel oil for maintaining the hair colour and essential oils for citrus fruit for making hair Shine.

8. Diet

Vitamin C is very essential to the hair growth it improve blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates long hair.Omega 3 fatty also great as it slows down the aging procedure it boost the immune system strong. Also vitamin A stimulates cells regeneration and slows down the aging process.

9. Seasons

Each and every season there are a different ways to maintain your hair carefully.In the world called Seasons its essential to care our hair and use blow dryer at a very low temperature. In the hot seasons, you will still necessary to wear hat and sun protection product to get rid of the hair damages that UV rays of the sun may cause to your hair.

10. Sleeping

Simply calming your hair thoroughly before going to bed, did you know that you are hair grows the most during the sleeping time.Why because this scalp gets the maximum blood supply while lying down. Brush are coming your hair is an exercise for your roots that improve the blood circulation on the scalp and improves the flow of blood to the hair follicles doing this exercise before going to bed it will improve your hair growth.

If you follow the above all tips you can easily get long and thicker hair

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