Ibomma is a pirated website that provides the facility to watch and download the latest Indian movies online without any subscription. Every day millions of users are watching and downloading movies from the Ibomma network. Right now ibomma uploading only OTT-released movies. Ibomma was launched in 2021 covid pandemic. During covid-19 pandemic Ibomma gets massive responses from users.

Ibomma movies website belongs to the NaaSongs network. Recently they stopped uploading music files on the naasongs.com website. Later they fully focused on the Ibomma movies website. No one knows who they are and where they operate from. Even if the movie or web series is released in OOT, those movies will appear in Ibomma immediately.

Recently, Ibomma released a note on its website targeting film producers. The press note is like this.

“You should stop focusing on us, you should focus on those who upload theoretical prints. If you focus on us, we will have to put our focus elsewhere. This means they will also upload newly released theater prints on their website. If it happens movie producers will have to lose a lot of money.

What if Ibomma

Ibomma is the biggest pirated website in India, As per stats Ibomma has nearly 50 Million active users per month. The Most popular website in the shortest period of time. Ibomma offers a direct download option to the users, no need to use torrent applications to download. Maybe that’s why it’s got a massive response from the users.

Even if it is released in the theater, it will be released on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Aha, etc.,  for some time. If you want to see them on OTT, a subscription is mandatory. But Ibomma provides them for free on their website with High quality.

Some web series are only available on OTT, Ibomma will release those web series on their website immediately when it’s available on OTT the same as high quality.

ibomma stats

Who Operates Ibomma Website

No one knows about Ibomma owners, It is very difficult to find them. It is very difficult to find out where they live and where they upload from. They keep their identity very secret. But they don’t operate Ibomma website from India.

Most of the pirated website admins will Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to manage their website. By using VPNs they are uploading movies anonymously. It is very difficult to catch them with the technology that the government has. At least they can’t find where they are.

Even no one found the owners of Tamilrockers, Tamilmv, Jiorockers, and other pirated websites. Sometimes we hear in the news that the owner of the website has been found, but they are all very small website owners. Big website owners can’t catch up. There are many cases where they openly challenged the cyber crime police and producers to catch them.

How the Ibomma Website Operates

At first, they purchased domain, hosting from offshore service providers. They will use 2 domain names, one for the front end and another for the files server. The front end (ibomma.net) uses WordPress technology. Movies will be uploaded to another server, then they will link those movie files on ibomma.net.

All Movies uploaded on Ibomma are hosted on Offshore hosting. Offshore hosting providers don’t respond to legal procedures. it is fully anonymous. While purchasing services Ibomma owners will use cryptocurrency, so it’s impossible to know who purchased hosting from them.

What If Offshore Hosting

Offshore hosting refers to the practice of hosting a website or online service on servers located in a foreign country, typically in a jurisdiction that offers certain advantages, such as greater privacy, reduced regulation, or lower taxes. This is often done to achieve specific goals or benefits, but it can also raise legal and ethical considerations.

Here are some key aspects of offshore hosting:

  1. Privacy: Offshore hosting providers may offer greater privacy protections compared to hosting services in one’s home country. This can be appealing to individuals or organizations that value confidentiality.
  2. Legal and Regulatory Differences: Different countries have varying laws and regulations related to online activities, content, and data storage. Some offshore jurisdictions may have less stringent regulations, making it attractive for websites that operate

What About Ibomma Revenue

Ibmma generates revenue from popunder advertisements. When the user visits their website, if the user clicks on that page, it immediately popunder will open, This will generate revenue for the ibomma owners. Popunders advertisements will be calculated on CPM (cost per mile) basis. CPM means cost per 1000 impressions. Every 1000 impressions will generate approx 1$  to 2$. If the visitor is from Other countries like the US, UK, Australia, or Switzerland CPM could be 10$ to 20$, in some cases even more.

Possible to Stop Piracy?

It is impossible to stop piracy to anyone,As long as there are watchers, there will be pirates. No matter how many laws governments bring, no one can stop piracy until people change.

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